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Atassi Resigns From Assistance Coordination Unit

Prominent activist dubbed 'Lady of the Revolution' to leave coordination unit after two years of service
Atassi Resigns From Assistance Coordination Unit

Suheir Atassi announced her resignation from the Assistance Coordination Unit in a statement published on her Facebook page on Wednesday. Atassi said in the statement: "I have provided all I could during the past two years, hence I decided to resign today, leaving the Unit and returning to political work, as the Syrian revolution still requires much support in the Arab and international forums".

Atassi added: "The Unit has reached a good stage of maturity and sophistication today, in terms of its work standards, relations with the donors abroad and the executive partners inside Syria, being subjected to external financial audit by one of the largest audit firms in the world, and the adoption of its reports by the United Nations and the largest humanitarian organizations".

Atassi thanked all the countries that have contributed to the Unit since its inception, either building its institutions, or supporting its humanitarian projects inside Syria. Atassi also thanked the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, who "gave me the confidence to build this institution, and I wish the close relationship between the Coalition, the Unit and the Syrian Interim Government will continue to serve the interests of the Syrian people and their revolution"

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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