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Assad’s Supporters Demand Expulsion of Displaced People From Coast

Many of those who have moved to the coast are Aleppo businessmen who have benefited the local economy
Assad’s Supporters Demand Expulsion of Displaced People From Coast

Pro-regime activists have established a Facebook page calling for the expulsion of displaced people who settled in the Syrian coastal cities.
They claim the displaced people are relatives of terrorists attacking Syrian soldiers.


These demands coincided with frenzied attacks in Aleppo following the rebel liberation of the al-Kindi hospital, which was transformed into a government military barracks.


One page administrator wrote: “Where are our men? They went to fight the sons of those bastards living alongside us. When I get on a bus, I see two or three people from the coastal cities on the bus; the rest are all from Aleppo or Idleb. If there is an attack on Tartus or Latakia, the terrorists will all have safe houses. We should be more alert and start to expel these dogs before it is too late".


The administrators of the page insisted they are not sectarian but that “we will simply not receive displaced people in our cities and we will expel those living here. They are the relatives of the armed groups and we do not trust them. Why don’t these people  go to live in Damascus which is full of safe places? Is it because houses are cheaper here? Or is it a plan to change the demographic map and create a suitable environment for an attack on the coastal cities later?”


Most of the displaced in the coastal cities are from Aleppo and have benefited the local economy on the coast, as reported by al-Watan last month, which said some 40 Aleppan businessmen had returned from Egypt to start working at industrial facilities built in the free zone in Latakia.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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