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Army Decimates Several ISIS Sites Over Syria: Spokesman

Syrian military, backed by Russia's air force, demoralizes Islamic State militants in a number of provinces, army spokesman declares
Army Decimates Several ISIS Sites Over Syria: Spokesman

Syrian army units are conducting succssful operations against terrorist organizations over the country, synchronizing with concentrated air strikes carried out by Syrian and Russian warplanes, a military spokesman affirmed on Monday.

“The army has expanded its control in Daraa al-Mahata through restoring scores of building blocks to the south of the national hospital, eliminating a large number of terrorists and destroying two of their command sites in Daraa al-Balad.”

The spokesman added army units also destroyed an Islamic State (ISIS) site in Tal Ashheb, also targeting militants and a number of vehicles in Busra al-Cham, Atman in Daraa countryside and to the east of Rashidiyah village, Suweida countryside.

“Another army unit established control of the Mercedes and Peugeot companies, tightening its noose on a number of terrorists in al-Smadi region and killing terrorists in Daraya in Damascus countryside,” he said.

Army units also dealt blows to terrorists on more than one route in Homs countryside, destroying a large number of vehicles and killing more than 40 militants in Tadmour area, al-Bayarat, in addition to killing dozens of fighters in Rahoum, Um Sharshouh, south of al-Rastan, Ghantu and Talbeisah.

Elsewhere, the Syrian army and air force destroyed two ISIS positions in al-Qaryateen and one gathering in the surrounding of Mahin, killing large numbers of militants in the surroundings of al-Shaer field, Homs countryside, according to the spokesman.

An army unit also thwarted attempts by terrorists to infiltrate Atshan and Tal Skeik in Hama countryside, inflicting heavy losses on fighters and equipment.

“The army air force also raided ISIS terrorists to the east of Athrya, al-Sakhaneh and al-Latamneh in Hama countryside,” the spokesman said.

He added that army units, with support from popular defense militias, advanced in the direction of the southwestern route of Aleppo city, establishing control of an area of more than 50 kilometers, including the villages and towns of Mare’en, Misherfeh, Hamidi, Dadin, Shlash and Khan Touman.

“Other army units destroyed gatherings for ISIS on Ramouseh-Sheikh Said route, in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy, Assfeirah, al-Nairab, Hreitan and Sheikh Ahmad, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists who were trying to infiltrate into Assfeirah.”

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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