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Army Assumes Full Control of Adra

The army cooperated with the Popular Defense Units
Army Assumes Full Control of Adra

The General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces said that army units, in cooperation with the Popular Defense Units, have established, after a series of precise operations, full control over the cities of Adra al-Balad and Adra al-Jadida in Damascus countryside.


In a statement, the Command said the new military achievement came in the wake of regaining control of Adra Workers’ City and the group of factories and industrial facilities and the surrounding farms.


The statement, issued on Saturday, said the army units have destroyed a wide network of tunnels and killed large numbers of terrorists who committed grisly crimes against peaceful civilians and used the area as a springboard for their attacks.


The army’s engineering units are dismantling more explosive charges and mines while army units continue to carry out mopping-up operations against residual terrorist groups in the area, the statement added.


“This new military success comes as part of a large-scale military operation intended to finish off what remained of terrorist groups in eastern Ghouta,” the statement said, describing it as a body blow to the terrorist project and its backers.


“It [the military achievement] has thrown terrorists into great confusion and brought about a rapid collapse in their morale, tightening the grip on what remained of them in eastern Ghouta and constituted an important fulcrum for future planned operations.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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