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Al-Waer Residents Demand Siege Be Broken

There was relative calm in the neighborhood after the aid was delivered
Al-Waer Residents Demand Siege Be Broken

U.N. rations were allowed to enter into the besieged neighborhood of Al-Waer in the city of Homs, where approximately 150,000 people live, including 25,000 children.


The aid entered the neighborhood after a siege that has lasted one year and five months, imposed by the regime's army and the militias of the so-called National Defense Army.


Media activist Baybars Tallawy confirmed to All4Syria that 23 trucks carrying relief aid provided by the United Nations entered the neighborhood, and that the aid included 9,000 food rations, and 3,000 units of detergents, in addition to milk for children and winter blankets.


The neighborhood is still besieged and the policy has not changed. Tallawy stressed that people's requests are clear and legitimate, demands that include "the opening of safe crossings, the withdrawal of regime's forces which constitute a major obstacle for the besieged people, to stop the military actions carried out by the regime in residential areas, allow civilians to return to their regions occupied by Assad's militias, in addition to many other requests, including the release of detainees etc".


So far, none of these demands has been implemented, except the humanitarian aid, which is "an obligation" for humanitarian organizations in these densely populated areas.


After the aid was delivered yesterday, the neighborhood witnessed a relative calm, but it is unclear what the coming days will bring. Two days ago, a delegation from the neighborhood met the representative of the U.N. envoy Steffan de Mistura in Assafir Hotel which is located in the regime-held areas. The meeting lasted for about half an hour, where the delegation presented the neighborhood's demands, explaining that Assad's regime is hampering the negotiation process.


The regime has recently raised the ceiling on the negotiations, and after this meeting, there are high expectations after positive signs from the delegation to end the siege.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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