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50 Regimes Troops Killed in Morek

Regime increases shabbinha salaries
50 Regimes Troops Killed in Morek

A source in Morek, in the countryside of Hama, has confirmed that 50 regime soldiers were killed during violent clashes that took place at the Abboud and Ghirbal checkpoints and in the eastern neighborhood of Morek.


The source said that the rebels have faced attempts by regime troops to storm the city and control the international highway that connects Hama with Aleppo.


The Hama Media Center said the rebels managed to destroy two tanks; one at the Ghirbal checkpoint and the other in the eastern neighborhoods of Morek. Two BMW vehicles were also destroyed in the clashes taking place in the city.


A field commander in Hama told Zaman al-Wasl that the regime was forced to bring additional military reinforcements from his troops and militias in the coastal areas to be able to face the rebel advance.


The source added that the regime has promised to increase the salaries of the Shabbiha in the coast in order to tempt them to join the battle.


"These militias have received intensive training to protect their lands and villages in Latakia and Tartous.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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