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ISIS Seizes al-Qaryatain City in Eastern Homs

City has endured a suffocating siege by regime forces since the Syrian revolution erupted in March 2011
ISIS Seizes al-Qaryatain City in Eastern Homs

The Islamic State (ISIS) seized control of the desert city of al-Qaryatain in eastern Homs following a major offensive which began Tuesday, as a number of suicide bombings rocked Syrian army strongholds at the gates of the city, said activists.

By taking al-Qaryatain, the radical Islamist group now controls most of the Syrian desert, including the ancient city of Palmyra. Activists say the city may witness a new wave of displacement as it also houses many families fleeing war in the countryside of Homs.

An ISIS suicide bomber also blew himself up Tuesday at the gates of the T-4 military airport, eastern Homs, leaving 11 army soldiers dead, activists said.

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