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Germany Obstructs return of Displaced Syrians by Naturalizing Them

Al-Watan is accusing Germany of using Syrian labour to support its economy and supporting terrorism in Syria.
Germany Obstructs return of Displaced Syrians by Naturalizing Them

As part of its continued obstruction of their return to their country, Germany raised the number of naturalized Syrian refugees in its territory to record numbers, reaching more than 19,000 individuals last year. The figure now surpasses traditional immigrant nationalities, such as Turks and Poles. Meanwhile, the Turkish regime deported about 100 young Syrian refugees to Syria by force.

“Seven years after the decision of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel to accept hundreds of thousands of Syrians, the number of those naturalized has risen to record numbers,” said Delphine Nerpolier, a correspondent for French newspaper La Croix, according to opposition websites. “It has now reached the point of exceeding the number of Turks and Poles — and today, Syrians are the most likely nationality to obtain German citizenship.”

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Rates of naturalization are now rising significantly among Syrian refugees, with 19,100 of them gaining German citizenship last year — three times as many as in 2020.

Germany — which continues to support terrorism inside Syria — is raising the naturalization rate of Syrian refugees as part of the continued obstruction of the refugees’ return to their country. Germany is using naturalization as a card to prolong the crisis in Syria by claiming that the country is still unsafe, as well as using Syrian labour to support the German economy.


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