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Promotions of Syrian Officers

Syria has announced the latest people to be promoted to the rank of Major General and those promoted to Brigadier General writes Pro-Justice.
Promotions of Syrian Officers

The following officers were promoted to the rank of Major General: 

  • Fouad Jumaa, General Director of the Military Social Foundation 
  • Ibrahim al-Waari, Deputy Head of the Military Intelligence Directorate 
  • Fouad Massoud, Chief of Staff of the Ninth Division
  • Suheil Fayyadh Ahmad, Deputy Commander of the Fifth Division
  • Maarouf Muhammad, Chief of Staff of the 15th Division
  • Towfiq Ahmad Khudour, Commander of the 22nd Airborne Division
  • Saeed Tharifa from the ranks of the Fourth Division 
  • Abdullah Suleiman
  • Muhammad Hassan Esber
  • Ahmad Niyouf
  • Fares Gheidha
  • Farid Saloum
  • Ahmad Maala

In addition, 22 officers were promoted to the rank of Brigadier General: 

  • Ghiath Dala, Chief of Staff of the 42nd Brigade
  • Kamal Jaffoul, Chief of Staff of the 66th Artillery Regiment
  • Muhammad Qassem al-Zein, Commander of the Local Defense Forces in Homs
  • Mansour Shahoud, Artillery Commander in the 25th Division 
  • Mashhour Shadoud from the ranks of Military Security in Homs 
  • Muntakhab al-Ali from the ranks of the Badiya Branch of Military Security
  • Muhammad Basset from the ranks of the Republican Guard 
  • Engineer Rabeea Ghassab Fallouh
  • Ali Abu Hibaa
  • Abdelrahman Khalil
  • Nabih Maraai
  • Pilot Melhem Abdelkarim
  • Issa al-Toun
  • Tayseer Ibrahim
  • Ziad Abu al-Laith
  • Ahmad Zarqa
  • Nizar Diyoub
  • Muhammad Muneer Ayyash
  • Jaber Ali Ahmad
  • Ali Assi
  • Ali al-Dhamati
  • Samir Jamahiri

The regime has tried to sell the idea of an “ideological army” both domestically and abroad throughout its rule. But its actions on the ground proved just the opposite time after time. Every time the people try to mobilize any resident of the country, they are subjected to a painful blow from this “ideological” army. This is on top of the intelligence apparatus captures people’s breath, and has extremely close ties to the military establishment. Even after the revolution, it became as a single institution erecting roadblocks in cities to serve as traps to hunt down young men for military service—revolutionaries and ideological opponents alike. 


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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