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Over 100,000 Members of Assad’s Forces Killed and Wounded Since 2011

For the first time ever, President Assad has spoken openly about the number of regime soldiers that have been killed or injured in Syria reports Alsouria Net.
Over 100,000 Members of Assad’s Forces Killed and Wounded Since 2011

More than 100,000 members of Assad’s forces were killed or wounded during military operations since 2011, in the first official statistics issued by the Assad regime.

During an interview with the Russian RT channel in English, Syrian regime President Bashar al-Assad said that stability in Syria was due to the “sacrifices of more than 100,000 Syrian soldiers who were martyred or wounded.”

He added: “We lost many souls, as well as thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands, of civilians or innocent people who were killed by mortars or in executions or who were kidnapped and then later killed or disappeared, and their families are still waiting for them.”

The number noted by Assad for those killed in his forces are the first official statistics since 2011.

The official narrative of the Syrian regime has avoided noting the number of those killed in Assad’s forces during military operations. However, loyalist networks on Facebook and social media have mourned them after ever battle.

The organizational structure of Assad’s forces, according to the regime’s Defense Ministry website, is composed of infantry, navy and air forces.

The infantry is considered the basic type in Assad’s forces and they have been the most prevalent participants in military operations in various parts of Syria that have seen fighting in recent years.

Assad’s ground forces are comprised of 304,000 soldiers as well as 4,640 battle tanks.

Over the last few months, the Assad regime has given great attention to wounded soldiers, granting them privileges.

The latest of these privileges is assigning the soldier a health pension due to military operations or similar cases, or as a result of being targeted by a terrorist gang or hostile elements. They are given a monthly subsidy, in accordance with a decree issued by Assad in August 2019.


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