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Military Security Commander Killed in Damascus Countryside Bombing

An explosive device targeting the car of Abdul Aziz Shodb detonated in the city of al-Kiswah, according to Baladi News.
Military Security Commander Killed in Damascus Countryside Bombing

A commander in the regime’s military security apparatus was killed on Tuesday evening when an explosive device, targeting his car, detonated in the city of al-Kiswah in the Damascus countryside.

According to local sources, unknown individuals planted an explosive device in the car belonging to Abdul Aziz Shodb, a leader of the military security service. The incident occurred in the Mansoura neighbourhood of Kiswah, located in the southern countryside of Damascus, resulting in Shodb’s unfortunate demise.


Sources further revealed that Shodb, originally from the town of Zakia, held a prominent role as one of the key figures involved in regional reconciliation efforts.

Earlier, on May 10th, Major Muhannad Ghandi Jadallah lost his life while four others sustained injuries in a separate incident. An explosive device, planted by unidentified assailants, detonated in a car near the Barzeh police station in the Damascus countryside. The car hailed from the Sweida governorate.

On February 27th, Colonel Ibrahim Ali al-Muhammad, a member of the regime forces, tragically lost his life when an improvised explosive device detonated in his car. The incident occurred in the Daf al-Shawk neighbourhood, located in the capital city of Damascus. Additionally, two children who were present at the scene suffered injuries as a result of the attack.

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