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High-Ranking Regime Army Officers Killed in Murky Circumstances Shaam News Network

The officer is the ninth to die in mysterious circumstances in the past few days, Shaam Network says
High-Ranking Regime Army Officers Killed in Murky Circumstances Shaam News Network

Pro-regime pages announced the death of a brigadier general in the regime’s army, under mysterious circumstances unrevealed by the regime’s media. The brigadier general is the ninth officer to be killed during the past few days.

In the details, loyalist media sources indicated that Paratrooper Brig. Gen. Mohammad Youssef Mansour was killed on Monday evening. Several pro-regime accounts paid their respects online, while pro-government pages attributed his death to an illness that they did not disclose.

Brig. Gen. Mansour hails from Ain al-Krum in the al-Ghab area in the western countryside of the Hama governorate, in the center of the country. The news of his death comes amid a proliferation of similar events, which pages have been posting about. It was before the end of last week that those pages announced that a number of officers were killed under mysterious circumstances.

During the past few days, the Shaam News Network monitored the death of eight high-ranking officers who were mysteriously killed. They are: Col. Mohsen Ali Haidar, Pilot Lieut. Col. Samer Tawfiq al-Tawil, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Skaf, and the retired Air Brigadier Pilot, Adel Salama al-Tawil.

This is in addition to Brig. Gen. Akram Mohammad Mualla, who is the commander of the 65th Mika Armored Brigade, Brig. Gen. Suleiman Mohammad Ghosn, retired Maj. Gen. Mufid Tawfiq Hawash, and Honorary Lieut. in the Air Force Intelligence, Ghaith Mohammad Safiya.


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