With Explosive Device: Assassination of Brigadier General of Syrian Regime Forces in Homs

Brigadier General Jaafar Ali al-Akhras, a prominent member of the "Third Corps," according to Syria TV.

On Tuesday, an incident occurred in Homs, resulting in the death of a high-ranking officer within the Syrian regime forces. According to Al-Madina FM, which has close ties to the Syrian regime, an explosive device planted in the officer’s military vehicle detonated in the Shammas neighbourhood of Homs. The report did not disclose the officer’s identity or provide further details about the incident.

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However, news sources aligned with the Syrian regime have since expressed their condolences for Brigadier General Jaafar Ali al-Akhras, a prominent member of the “Third Corps” in the regime forces. These sources specified that Brigadier General al-Akhras was killed by an explosive device outside his residence in the Shammas neighbourhood. He hailed from the village of al-Rabiah in the Hama countryside and had actively participated in various military operations, including the battles of the southern countryside of Idleb and the battle of Maaloula in the Damascus countryside back in 2013. Loyalist pages also mentioned that he served as the head of the reconnaissance branch of the Third Corps.

Additionally, over the past 24 hours, the countryside of Quneitra witnessed the loss of four members of the Syrian regime forces, allegedly due to unidentified assailants. Local news networks reported that Lieutenant Sultan Taiba and his companion, Anwar Daham Khamis, were targeted by direct gunfire near the dam of the village of Um al-Azam in Quneitra’s countryside, resulting in their immediate deaths. On Tuesday, two members of the town’s station, Mohammed Obaidan and Rabie Wassouf, were also shot by unknown gunmen in the town of Nabaa al-Sakhr in Quneitra’s central countryside, leading to their instant demise.


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