Among Them a Brigadier General: Shaam Monitors Death of Regime Soldiers in Different Areas

Shaam news network monitored the deaths of several members of regime militias.

Shaam news network monitored the deaths of several members of regime militias, distributed in several areas, including Daraa, Raqqa and Suweida. It was found that among the dead was a brigadier general who was declared dead without mentioning the causes, where he was killed in mysterious circumstances.

In detail, the regime’s militia brigadier general, Firas Hashem Daghma, was mysteriously killed. According to local pages, regime lieutenant Mohammed Hussein was shot dead by a sniper on the axis of Ain Issa area of northern Raqqa countryside.

Mohammed Bashir al-Homsi, a soldier of the regime’s militia, was killed by gunfire from an armed group that attacked and controlled the transport checkpoint for hours at the entrance to the southern Syrian governorate of Suweida.

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The Assad regime’s Ministry of Interior mourned Lieutenant Ayman al-Hamura, from the ranks of Khirbet Ghazala district, after he was shot by unknown gunmen riding bicycles near the roundabout of the town of Khirbet Ghazala in Daraa countryside.

Also in Daraa a few days ago, the first assistant Nasser al-Ghussin, from the Lajat area, and Ahmed al-Huwaiti from Homs countryside were killed, according to pro-regime sources. Three members of the regime forces were killed after being targeted between the cities of Jassim and Nawa in Daraa countryside, namely Ibrahim al-Nashi, Elias al-Nashi and Mohammed al-Arar.

Activists at the Ahrar Horan Gathering said on Sunday that both Wissam al-Nusseirat and Diaa al-Ayash from the ranks of a security group belonging to the military security branch were killed after being targeted by unidentified gunfire in the town of Ibta in Daraa countryside.

News pages loyal to the Assad regime called Majd Hassan Jawhara’s death a “traffic accident”. Among the military’s personal photographs, a picture on the gate of a helicopter indicates that he was involved in air strikes against civilians, particularly the death barrels that this type of aviation throws.

In a related context, the soldier Youssef Iyad Diop, died after what pro-regime pages said was a traffic accident suffered by Pullman on the Highway of Tartous – Homs. They state that Diop, who is in the ranks of military security, hails from the governorate of Tartus.

Jamal al-Mohareb, a member of Assad’s forces, was killed when a landmine exploded in the desert of the eastern countryside of Homs. He descended from the village of Khuwaylid Foqati in al-Hassakeh countryside, northeastern Syria.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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