Statement of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria on current Developments

With the acceleration of recent events in the context of the blessed Syrian revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria addresses this statement to the Syrian, Arab and Muslim people, and to free people everywhere, to clarify events and outline our position and responsibilities.


With the acceleration of recent events in the context of the blessed Syrian revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria addresses this statement to the Syrian, Arab and Muslim people, and to free people everywhere, to clarify events and outline our position and responsibilities.


The Syrian revolution has evolved well beyond an internal phenomenon, after some parties ignoredthe revolution's rejection of interference in Syria's internal affairs. After Iran and Hezbollahopenly declared war against the Syrian people, slaying Syrian children and raping Syrian women, they can no longer claim to be silent or ignorant of their role in Syria, but rather as outward participants in abominable crimes.


1- Zionist aggression:

On Sunday,5 May, 2013, the Zionist enemy launched an attack against the Syrian land and people. This act of aggression received no reaction or response from the party that claims to be the bulwark of resistance and defense. Our Jamaa (congregation), as it condemns and denounces any external aggression, states ourtotal condemnation and denouncement of this party, which over decades has chosento fall in the face of this aggression instead of defendingour nation.



2- Massacres committed by Assad's gangs and their allies:

Massacres committed by Bashar Al-Assad and his circle, with direct participation from Hezbollah and the followers of Al-Wali Al-Faqihhave become the daily bread fed to our people. The massacres in Banias, Beida, Qusair and Raqqa and across Syrian lands, in all their cruelty and severity, including summary executions and the slaying children with knives, constitutes a genocidal war and sectarian purging carried out by organized gangs made up of heavily armed forces. All this has been perpetrated with the cover of international, regional and Arab silence.Our congregationasserts that the language of the massacres in Syria today andthe sight of Syrian bloodshed near and the far, exceeds condemnation and denunciation. While we place the responsibility for what is happening – enshrined under international law that vows to protect the innocent in Syria- on the international community, we also remind youthat this responsibility is not limited to protection of Syrian people from chemical weapons,whileat the same time allowing criminals to kill and destroy with all other kinds of traditional weapons. The international community's reluctance to intervene while it considers of the use of chemical weapons has created more doubts in the hearts of Syrian people about the intentionsof the international community, fuelling beliefs that they are part of a conspiracy against them and the future of their country.



3- Arab and Islamic attitudes:

We thank the host states for receiving and sheltering Syrian refugees, but that  does not prevent us from saying that the attitudes of Islamic and Arab brothers, both officials and civilians, has not reached the level of the right to Nusra (Help) thatthe brotherhood of Islam dictates, especially in response to Iranian interference and its consequences on Syrian people.

Aware of the scale of the refugee problem, in terms of the economic, social and securityburden it presents, we thank all host states, and announce our willingness, as national representatives and with the help of national forces, to carryout our humanitarian and social responsibilities in addressing the problems created by the state of displacement. We also ask humanitarian organizations to carry out their responsibilities towards Syria's innocent victims, who would not have needed to leave their homes if the international community had protected them from the outset.



4- The attempts to drag the revolution into the swamp of sectarianism:Our congregation has pledged, since the first days of the revolution, to join the revolutionary project in its national dimension. We refused, as all the parties to the revolution did, to cordon it in any sectarianfactionalor ideological trench. Our people wanted a national revolution, seeking justice, freedom and dignity for all Syrian society, and our position has always been to support this national agenda and to pursue it as the wise national choice.

Our congregation states that the attempts by al-Wali al-Faqihin Tehran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the circles of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq to pull Syriainto the swamp of sectarianism,will drive the region into an open societal conflict based on evil and hatred.

We draw national and community leaders' attention to the danger of the Iranian project,in all its doctrinal and nationalistic dimensions, and to the necessity of addressing it with a clear sighted responsethat does not fall victim to the trap of sectarianism.


5- Our national role and position towards national figures and forces:

Our congregation within the national movement has expanded to become a positive, supportive and open member alongside all national forces and figures in all their various orientations. We believe that the nation merits,ahead of all other conflicts or competingagendas, a program that can be put in place for the Syrian people to recover their freedom and dignity in the future.

We recognize the features of the organized attack and counter-attack launched by Assad and his agents against our community, by those who are afraid for their personal and factional interests, bythose sectarian, regional and international parties, in all their fraud and slander. We state that these attacks will not weaken our position, or corrupt our policy to pursue acooperative and supportive national role through the institutions of the national opposition. We will rely on our people to scrutinize the facts, to work on an intellectual and scientific level to inform and assess these efforts. We wish all our wise people to read our deliberate message of silent disdain towards this attack.


6- Adherence to national principles:

We confirm our adherence to all national elements, and we consider ourselves loyal guards to their aspirations and defenders of their will. We emphasize our absolute adherence to the unity of the Syrian land and determination to prevent any projector talk that encourages division or fragmentation.

Our position towards the state of Syria is as a civil, modern, pluralistic and participatory state with no monopoly, exclusion or dictatorship. There is no minority or majority except in the concept of the democratic political majority.

Wesupport the formation of all national bodies, and we will continue to support the Syrian National Council,and the National Coalition of Revolution and Opposition Forces, as the representatives of the majority’s will. We will continue to expand its framework, develop its tools, and activate its role. At the same time we will support all figures, institutions and bodies represented in and emerging from it, including the elected interim government that will gain its approval.

We believe in the unity of the opposition, and bless all the configurations that workto serve the Syrian opposition, from the individual to the collective bodies. When the political formations are createdthey will serve the national project in solidarity with the national spirit, not raise contradictions within its structure.


7- The attitude toward political solutions:

Our sense of legitimacy and national responsibilityhas been gained through our people‘s blood and our martyrs sacrifice.Those who have died and those who wait for death push us sincerely and honestly in efforts to reach a political solution, which will provide achieve our aspirations.

Our vision for any political solution is based on two essential parts: The first is the exclusion of Bashar Assad and his circle, especially those from the military and security forces, from any position or role in Syria’s future. The second is that national dialogue over the transfer of power should include all social factions around a nationalroundtable.

Stopping the hand of criminality from damaging Syrian life, isolating it from positions of authority and influence, and enabling the forces of the revolution and the Free Syrian Army to confront it by changing the balance of power to their favor is the practical approach to reaching the political solution and the desired national dialogue. All sides must be equal in the national dialogue to achieve the clear objectives of the Syrian revolution and draft an image of Syria’s future as a civil democratic country for all its sons.


8- Attitude towards extremism and terrorism:

We hold that policies that forget Syrian pain and the Syrian dream are the first nutrientsfor extremism. The Syrian people, with their cultural background, and their spirit of moderation and cooperation would be better able to neutralize any extreme tendency, through quiet dialogue based on a scientific and objective assessmentof legitimacy. The cooperative national coalition forces will, fully aware and in all seriousness, take it upon themselves to monitor the risks of extremism which cannot be underestimated and will not be amplified.

The hype, fear and intimidationgenerated by terrorist forces can seep into Syrian territory is a manifestation of the regime’s scheme to makewar on terror an excuse to practice the worst forms of terrorism on its people.


9- The Iranian role in the Syrian revolution:

We declare our appreciation for the role of our brothers in Arab and Islamic countries, as supporters of the revolution of our people anddefenders of their   aspirations. We pledge that their positive role will remain present in all Syrian consciousness.

We assert that good faith in supporting a revolution, like that of our people, is not enough. And with all appreciation for the goodwill of others, we assert that Iran and its project was and is part of the problem for the Syrian revolution and the Arab and Islamic world more generally. Unless Iran abandons its attempts to dominate and agitate,and expressly abandons Assad and his circle, it cannot be a part of any political initiative.


10- Egyptian attitude and the Egyptian initiative:

Despite our gratefulness and appreciation of the role of sister Egypt, for their hospitality and for receiving Syrian refugees, we emphasize that the initiative of the Egyptian presidency was neither well advised nor coordinated with the Syrian opposition, or any of its, including our congregation. This initiative has failed, since its inception, to see the Iranian role in what happens to our people, and this perhaps prompted the brothers in Saudi Arabia not to comply with the initiative.

It was painful for our people to hear President MohamadMursi'sremarks in Moscow. The Syrian blood is more precious and sacred than to the material of compliments, protocol and diplomacy. The Syrian people, including members of our community are waiting for an explanation for these statements, and wonder bitterly: Where is the president Mursi’s attitude taking him in meetings in Moscow, or in meeting with AhmediNejad in Cairo, rom his statements at the summits in Mecca and Tehran, that have falsified his speech?

The vulnerable in Syria, and wherever Iranian sedition dominates, are lacking the status of big sister Egypt and the role of great Egyptian people.


The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria  

7 May, 2013





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