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Young Syrian Returns from Germany to Raqqa to Commit Suicide in his Home

A study showed that Syrian migrants are particularly at risk of depression, according to al-Souria Net.
Young Syrian Returns from Germany to Raqqa to Commit Suicide in his Home

A young man has committed suicide in his apartment in Raqqa, Syria, by hanging. No signs of physical assault were found on his body.

Muhammad A. stayed alone in his house in the city after recently returning from Germany.

Local networks confirmed that the smells of decomposing the corpse emitted from the house prompted the neighbours to dislodge the door of his apartment, on Tuesday, to find him hanging from the ceiling of the house.

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Witnesses who entered the house estimated that the man had hanged himself a week before his corpse was found.

The young man had returned about a month ago to the city of Raqqa after years of residing in Germany as a refugee. He told his family he was “sick of alienation” and gave no further explanations for his decision to return.

Depression and despair in Germany

A scientific study published last year in the scientific journal BMC Public Health, conducted by the Institute of Global Health at the American University of Beirut, showed that the prevalence of depression among Syrian refugees in Germany was 14%.

The survey found that Syrian migrants face an extraordinarily high burden of MDD as they seek asylum. Incorporation of screening and treatment into service provision within refugee camps is urgently needed, mainly as migrants spend extended periods of time in transition due to protracted asylum procedures.


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