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Supreme Investment Council: Instructions for New Investment Law

PM-designate Hussein Arnous has decided to give the instructions for the application of the new investment law, a step he hopes will achieve growth and create jobs, SANA writes.
Supreme Investment Council: Instructions for New Investment Law
Supreme Investment Council: Instructions for New Investment Law

The Supreme Investment Council (SIC), headed by PM-designate Hussein Arnous, decided to speed up measures to complete the procedural guides and the executive instructions for the new Investment Law No. 18, 2021 at a maximum deadline of September 15th.

Through these instructions, investors could benefit from the advantages and incentives provided by the new investment law, in addition to simplifying the procedures of any investment project.

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The SIC is accepting all applications submitted by investors to the Syrian Investment Agency in all investment fields and their direct registration and authorized the Agency to grant licenses to investment projects after submitting them to the Supreme Investment Council within 15 days for approval and taking the necessary action till the implementation of the executive instructions and procedural guides.

Arnous underlined the importance of dealing seriously with the investment file in light of the issuance of the new investment law with the aim of creating a transparent, competitive, and attractive investment environment for the investors, which would contribute to expanding the production base and securing more job opportunities.

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He added that investment in the industrial cities and zones is available to everyone in light of the availability of services, as approvals are immediately granted.


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