Among Them Civilians and US Resident: Sources Reveal Identity Those Killed in Israeli Raids in Homs

Nine individuals, including civilians, lost their lives, and 13 others sustained injuries in a raid reportedly carried out by Israel.

Nine individuals, including civilians, lost their lives, and 13 others sustained injuries in a raid reportedly carried out by Israel, as per Syrian regime media. The target was a house on Hamra Street in central Homs, marking the first such attack on the city.

The assault also struck the Directorate of Water Resources garage, the Shayrat base, and farms in the al-Waer neighbourhood.

According to local sources speaking to Syria TV, the strike on the house claimed the lives of young men Abd al-Rahman al-Sibai, Anas Ibo, Abdul-Jabbar al-Sayed (a law student at al-Baath University), and Iyad Abu Ras (a fifth-year pharmacy student). Some were either in the playground behind the targeted building or passing by on the road at the time of the attack.

Nabila Raslan, aged 80-85, and her son Mohammed Hassan Mousli, 50, a U.S. resident visiting his mother, were also among the casualties.

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Local sources in Homs reported conflicting information regarding the nature of the target. Some claimed that Mrs. Nabila Raslan rented an apartment in the building to an Iranian leader, while others suggested the target was a leader of Lebanese Hezbollah. The party later announced the deaths of two of its members without specifying the location or timing. At the same time, pages affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards did not report any leader’s death in Syria until later.

Five sources familiar with the situation informed Reuters that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had withdrawn its senior officers from Syria due to Israeli strikes and would rely more on allied militias to maintain influence there.

The house destroyed in the Hamra Street strike was located 200 meters from the governor’s palace and 500 meters from the State Security building in Homs.

According to sources, Nabila Raslan and her son were waiting for a taxi to Beirut in front of the building when the rocket struck. Mousli’s body was found on the roof of the Karama Club building across from the targeted building.

Dr. Musallam al-Atassi, the Homs Health Director, informed al-Watan newspaper, which is aligned with the regime, that 10 of the injured had been discharged from the hospital, while three others remained hospitalized.

The director of technical services in Homs governorate told the newspaper that the directorate’s garage was destroyed and out of service due to the Israeli raid. The garage’s gas station, oil warehouse, and 12 engineering vehicles were destroyed, and 48 vehicles were damaged.

Sources suggested that some of the targeted sites in Homs City and its vicinity were hit by air defence missiles fired by regime forces.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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