Ongoing Protests and Suspension of Work at a Number of Community Events in al-Bab

This action was taken in response to dissatisfaction with low salaries and unfulfilled promises from the local council, Damas Post writes.

The northern Syrian city of al-Bab has experienced significant protests and mass demonstrations over the past two days, evolving into various community events.

Educational activities at al-Buhturi High School in Bab city were disrupted as school hours were suspended for two days. This action was taken in response to dissatisfaction with low salaries and unfulfilled promises from the local council.

In an official statement, the school administration clarified that the suspension of working hours represents an initial measure until their demands are addressed. The foremost demand is the prompt disbursement of the remaining grant to teachers across all schools without exception. Additionally, they seek resolution for issues related to the city’s banks (ATM) and the congestion experienced during salary disbursements.

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Simultaneously, numerous residents of the city took to the streets, demanding improvements in living conditions, services, and security control. The residents initiated popular protests on Sunday morning under the banner “Flood of the Liberator.”

A decision by the local council to increase the price of a bread bundle has ignited widespread discontent among the area’s residents. Protesters are calling for swift solutions to problems concerning water supply and other essential services.

The inhabitants of northern Syria are grappling with administrative failures, a lack of coordination among military, service, and civilian institutions, and overall low employee salaries. These challenges extend to members of the Syrian National Army and police, contributing to a state of heightened security chaos marked by incidents of killings, kidnappings, and simultaneous bombings.

It is crucial to note that the Syria Response Coordinators team had previously issued a warning about an imminent economic collapse in northwestern Syria. This warning coincides with skyrocketing prices, making it increasingly difficult for civilians to meet their daily needs. The region is experiencing a noticeable surge in inflation rates, leading to a decline in the purchasing power of civilians.  


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