With First Rainfall: IDP Tents Flood West Idleb

Approximately 50 percent of the tents in the Basmat Amal camp, located near the town of Zarzour in western Idleb, were inundated, according to Baladi News.

On Saturday evening, the western countryside of Idleb witnessed its first rainfall of the winter season, leading to flooding in many tents housing displaced individuals.

According to a statement by the White Helmets, approximately 50 percent of the tents in the “Smile of Hope” (Basmat Amal) camp, located near the town of Zarzour in western Idleb, were inundated due to heavy rainfall the previous night. Similar flooding occurred in the Sham and “Caravan of Goodness” (Qafilat al-Khair) camps in the Zouf area of the same region.

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The organization attributed the water leakage into the tents to several factors, including the deterioration of older tents and the absence of proper insulation and elevation from the ground. Their specialized teams worked diligently to establish drainage systems to prevent further rainwater from entering the remaining tents, thereby alleviating the suffering of the displaced population.

This marks the first substantial rainfall in the western countryside of Idleb as the winter season of 2023 begins. The plight of the displaced is a recurring issue with the arrival of each new winter season, as they have endured more than a decade of living in tents that offer little protection from either the scorching summer heat or the harsh winter cold. Unfortunately, their suffering continues without any lasting solutions in sight.


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