Arslan Warns People of Suweida Against Exploitation of Situation by Malicious Actors to Reach Partition

Arslan made an appeal to the residents of Suweida and Jabal al-Arab to preserve their identity, according to al-Watan.

The leader of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Talal Arslan, has issued a warning to the residents of Jabal al-Arab and the city of Suweida about potential chaos and suspicious partition projects. These projects are exploiting the dire economic situation resulting from the Caesar Act. Arslan emphasized his regular communication with the Syrian leadership and his connections with the people of Jabal al-Arab. He stressed that the prevailing sentiment in the region opposes any divisive agendas related to this matter.

Arslan conveyed a message to the people of Jabal al-Arab, cautioning them against allowing treacherous individuals with malicious intentions to exploit their challenging circumstances for questionable political projects. These projects could worsen the social, economic, and living conditions in Suweida and Jabal al-Arab.

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According to the official website of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Arslan emphasized the need for prudence and wisdom, asserting that they have consistently rejected suspicious divisional projects. He referred to historical events, such as the 1921 proposal to divide Syria into four countries, and highlighted how Sultan Pasha al-Atrash’s revolution aimed to break these partition barriers and declare the unity of Syrian territory. This unity was symbolized by the famous slogan: “Religion is for God, and the homeland is for all.”

Arslan underlined that any voices in Jabal al-Arab advocating division do not represent the true sentiments of the people and their leaders. He revealed his regular contact with the Syrian leadership and the people of Jabal al-Arab and reiterated that the overall atmosphere in the region rejects divisive slogans aimed at exploiting their challenging living conditions. These conditions are a consequence of the injustice faced by Syria as a state and its people, exemplified by the Penal Code and the unjust Caesar Act, which have exacerbated economic difficulties throughout the country.

Arslan made an appeal to the residents of Suweida and Jabal al-Arab to preserve their identity, history, and the values of their monotheistic community. He emphasized that Druze Almohads, wherever they reside, have consistently been staunch defenders of their land, resources, and existence. By supporting their state and armed forces and standing by their fellow Syrians, they can navigate through the crisis and persevere until Syria overcomes its challenges. Arslan expressed confidence in the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and anticipated the eventual lifting of sieges, an improvement in the economy, and the return of Syria’s recovery with the wisdom of its leadership.


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