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Daraa: Baath Cadre Killed by Unknown Gunmen

The Daraa branch of the Baath Party pointed fingers at "terrorists" for this act, according to Enab Baladi.
Daraa: Baath Cadre Killed by Unknown Gunmen

Abdul Ilah al-Fadil, a prominent member of the Nawa division leadership within the ruling Baath Party in Daraa’s countryside, was fatally shot by unidentified assailants in the city of Nawa.

The Daraa branch of the Baath Party pointed fingers at “terrorists” for this act, which occurred on Sunday as Fadil was commuting to work. Multiple bullets struck him, resulting in his immediate demise.

On the same day, another body was found near Yadouda town’s roundabout in the western countryside. The victim was identified as Ahmed Mashtouli, and the Daraa 24 network reported this incident.

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The local Ahrar Horan Gathering network suggested that the deceased individual might have affiliations with the Iran-affiliated Liwa al-Quds militia.

According to an opposition source, Mashtouli had been apprehended by local fighters in the western Daraa countryside. His entry into the area had raised suspicions of covert criminal activities, particularly the establishment of a “security cell” with the intention of targeting regime opponents and individuals with ties to Iran for assassination and elimination.

Mashtouli’s life came to an end on the same Sunday when an explosive device, planted by unidentified individuals, claimed his life in the town of al-Ghariya al-Gharbia in the eastern Daraa countryside, as reported by Daraa 24. The assailant was identified as Jabawi al-Barakat, known by the alias al-Ghubaiti.

Targeting in Damascus countryside

On Saturday, the director of Sa’sa’ district in Damascus countryside, Major Mohammed al-Ahmad, sustained injuries as a result of an explosive device detonation inside his car. The incident occurred in the village of Hena within the Qatana area of Damascus countryside, as reported by the Ministry of Interior, according to SANA.

The Ministry of Interior disclosed that the explosive device had been clandestinely placed within Major Ahmad’s vehicle. The explosion took place while he was commuting from his residence in the village of Hena in Damascus countryside to his workplace, resulting in an injury to his right foot.


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