Syrian Political and Popular Conference to Reject Normalization

Abd al-Rahman Mustafa, the head of the Syrian interim government, called for continued support for the Syrian people, according to al-Souria Net.

Syrian activists, along with representatives from the Syrian National Coalition, the Syrian Interim Government, the Syrian Negotiations Commission, and other official bodies, organized the first Syrian conference in the city of Al-Rai, north of Aleppo, to reject normalization with the Assad regime and reaffirm their commitment to the goals of the Syrian revolution.

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Attendees included the head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Salem Al-Muslat, the head of the Negotiations Commission, Bader Jamous, officials in the Syrian Interim Government, commanders of corps and divisions of the Syrian National Army, the Syrian Islamic Council, the Free Aleppo Governorate Council, the Syrian Tribes and Clans Council, the Syrian Turkmen Council, and other revolutionary activists.

Participants emphasized their unwavering support for the Syrian revolution’s objectives, which include the overthrow of the Assad regime and the pursuit of justice and accountability. They noted that the regime continues to commit crimes and violations across various Syrian cities.

During the conference, Abd al-Rahman Mustafa, the head of the Syrian interim government, delivered a speech in which he emphasized the Syrian people’s desire for freedom, dignity, a state of institutions and law, and their continued commitment to achieving these goals despite great sacrifices.

Mustafa argued that a political solution in Syria should be based on international resolutions that guarantee a political transition, safe and voluntary returns, and a safe environment. He also rejected approaches that seek to change the regime’s behaviour or undermine the control of militias, alluding to the recent Arab initiative aimed at normalizing relations with the regime.

Mustafa called for continued support for the Syrian people and for exerting serious and real pressure on the Assad regime, asserting that this is the only way to achieve a comprehensive solution that ensures the safe return of Syrians and stability in Syria.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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