Court in Opposition Areas Releases Pro-Assad Militiaman for $150

The Opposition Ministry of Defense said the formations of the national army had no knowledge of Salha's release, according to Baladi News.

On Monday, the Syrian Interim Government’s Ministry of Defense issued a statement regarding the release of Ibrahim Khalil Salha, a known “shabih” who had participated in battles with the Assad regime and was accused of killing unarmed civilians, from Al-Rai prison in northern Syria. Activists and media reports had revealed that Salha was released by one of the formations of the Syrian National Army.

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The Ministry of Defense clarified that Salha had been arrested and detained by the First Corps, Division 13, Brigade 131 (Muhammad Al-Fateh) in the National Army on May 6, 2021. In compliance with military instructions, Salha was handed over to the judiciary to be tried for his crimes and receive a fair trial.

The Ministry of Defense stated that the case was now in the custody of the judiciary and that the formations of the national army had no knowledge of Salha’s release. The statement emphasized the need to hold the criminal regime accountable for atrocities and bloodshed and called for an investigation into the incident and its circumstances. 

Leaked documents showed that the Al-Rai court released Salha after he paid a financial guarantee of 3,000 Turkish liras, equivalent to 150 U.S. dollars.


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