Assad to New Ministers: Communicate with Citizens; Reject Corruption

During a meeting on Saturday with newly sworn-in ministers, the significance of communication and transparency with citizens, according to al-Watan.

President Bashar al-Assad emphasized that the objective of change is not to replace individuals, but rather to enhance the performance and effectiveness of ministries and institutions. He emphasized that the ability of individuals to contribute new ideas and build work systems that improve the function of institutions is key and that this ability is not necessarily linked to a person’s name. Instead, it is determined by their ability to adapt to the current reality and create a dynamic working environment within their respective organizations.

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During his meeting on Saturday with newly sworn-in ministers in the presence of Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, President al-Assad emphasized the importance of harmonizing capabilities and reality with ideas and policies in ministerial work. This requires fair and logical management of resources to ensure their best utilization and effective investment of available opportunities. Setting work priorities is also crucial, with these priorities being based on government policies. President al-Assad stressed that every ministry must align its policies with the government’s.

President al-Assad emphasized the significance of communication and transparency with citizens, as their understanding and awareness of the government’s procedures and policies are key. Additionally, he highlighted that corruption should not be tolerated, and officials must be honest and committed to fighting corruption within their ministries or institutions. He emphasized that the government’s success depends on its ability to achieve justice and uphold the law for all.


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