Syria Ambassador to UN: Our Right to the Golan Inalienable. Time to End Israeli Aggression.

Ali Ahmed denounced the occupation's increased efforts to construct wind turbines on the Syrian Golan Heights, according to al-Watan.

Syria asserts its inherent right to reclaim the occupied Syrian Golan and urges all nations to refuse recognition of any actions by Israel that would prolong its occupation. Additionally, Syria calls for countries to abstain from providing aid that facilitates Israel’s infringement upon international law.

During a Human Rights Council session on the situation in the Middle East, Ambassador Haidar Ali Ahmed, the Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations Office in Geneva, made a statement stating, “The world is watching as the war crime of settlement continues in the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly following the Israeli occupation authorities’ announcement in late 2021 to double the number of settlers in the Golan within five years.”

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Ali Ahmed highlighted the occupation’s increased efforts to construct wind turbines on the Syrian Golan Heights, demonstrating the occupying power’s persistent determination to pursue its discriminatory and colonial settlement policies. These practices blatantly violate the human rights of Syrians residing in the occupied Golan.  

Ali Ahmed remarked, “It is imperative that the international community takes concrete actions to end the repeated Israeli aggressions against Syria and the Palestinian people and to terminate its occupation of Arab lands. It is widely known that the support the United States of America and other governments extended to the Israeli occupation entity has facilitated the continuation of these actions.”

Ali Ahmed asserted that despite the horrific crimes committed by the occupation, the continued support provided by the United States and Israel serves as the most glaring evidence of their disregard for international law, the United Nations Charter, and resolutions pertaining to the occupied Syrian Golan, such as Security Council resolutions 237, 242, and 497. This unparalleled state of impunity has emboldened the occupying power, Israel, to persist in its terrorist and criminal attacks against Syria, which have led to the victimization of civilians and destruction of residential areas, educational facilities, and civilian infrastructure, including key airports such as Damascus and Aleppo, which are crucial for humanitarian aid operations carried out by the United Nations.


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