U.S. Intelligence Meets Tribes to Halt Turkish Rapprochement With Syria

The U.S. is trying to restructure the Syrian Democratic Forces, according to al-Watan.

U.S. intelligence held meetings inside the illegal occupation base in Rmeilan in Hassakeh governorate with figures from the Shammar tribe. The meetings aimed at forming armed militias under the name of the “Military Council in the Jazeera,” which will be responsible for deploying in areas near the border strip with Turkey. 

This comes as part of a plan to restructure the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias, providing reassurance to Turkey and blocking Ankara’s rapprochement with Damascus. 

Despite Rapprochement with Damascus, Turkey Continues “Turkification” in Countryside of Aleppo

Kurdish sources close to the SDF, according to the Asia News Agency, said that U.S. intelligence held several meetings inside the Rmeilan base with figures from the Shammar Arab tribe with the aim of forming armed militias under the name of the “Military Council in the Jazira.” 

The sources pointed out that the Council will be responsible for deploying in areas near the border strip with Turkey as part of a plan to restructure the SDF. 

The Agency reported that a meeting between figures from the Jarba and Al-Hamidi families was held inside the Rmeilan base last Friday and Saturday. It aimed to assign these figures to lead the new “Military Council.”

It pointed out that SDF commander Mazloum Abdi refused to assign the former president of the so-called opposition “coalition” Ahmed al-Jarba, to lead this militia due to the deep differences with Jarba regarding northern Syria since the latter formed the so-called “Tomorrow Opposition Movement” and “Elite Forces.” 

The agency quoted the same sources as saying that the meetings held between the US occupation forces and representatives of the SDF indicate the latter’s reassurance that the leading role of Kurdish figures will not decline. What will actually be done is a formal restructuring represented by the formation of the Raqqa Military Council. 

The Agency stated that the “Military Council in the Jazira” will have the right to deploy on the direct contact lines, which will block the Russian side’s attempts to form a military faction of tribal fighters in Hasakeh governorate to deploy it in the direct contact lines with Turkey within the area extending between the towns of Abu Rasin and Tal Tamr.

The agency quoted sources close to Abdi that he has not yet received any request from the U.S. occupation forces regarding the reduction of the quantities of weapons deployed in the areas adjacent to the border strip, nor has he received any instructions so far regarding the dismantling of minefields deployed by the SDF in the area near the border. 


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.



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