Despite Rapprochement with Damascus, Turkey Continues “Turkification” in Countryside of Aleppo

The Erdogan regime continues its policy of Turkification of the areas it occupies in northern Syria, according to al-Watan.

The Turkish administration continued its policy of Turkification in the areas it occupies in northwestern Syria, despite its attempts to rapprochement with Damascus. The so-called Turkish Relief built housing for female students at the al-Sham Private University (ASPU) in the occupied city of Azaz, northwest of Aleppo, and named it “Osman Korqmaz”!

According to the Turkish official Anadolu Agency, the branch of the Humanitarian Relief Foundation in the Turkish state of Bursa opened “student housing for the benefit of ASPU students in the occupied city of Azaz, northwest of Aleppo.” The authority explained in a statement that “the absorptive capacity of the housing, which was called Osman Korqmaz, reaches 320 beds.”

Çavuşoğlu in D.C

Salah al-Din Aydin, the education coordinator of the Commission in Syria, stated during the opening ceremony that establishing this housing aims to ensure that female students continue their educational journey safely.

The Erdogan regime continues its policy of Turkification of the areas it occupies in northern Syria, in cooperation with terrorist organizations loyal to it, in the countryside of Aleppo, Hasakeh, and northern Raqqa by opening schools and branches of Turkish universities in them, giving them Turkish names, and raising the Turkish occupation flag over them.

On February 6th, 2021, the Turkish administration, under personal orders from Erdogan, issued a decision to open a medical college and a higher institute of health sciences in the border town of Al-Rai in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, affiliated with the Turkish University of Health Sciences in Istanbul.

Ankara’s Turkification process continues, with the Turkish administration continuing to issue statements about its intention to rapprochement with Damascus, which began last month with Erdogan’s announcement that he had proposed to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to establish a trilateral mechanism with Syria to accelerate the diplomatic track between Ankara and Damascus. This was followed by a meeting on the 28th of the same month in Moscow that included Syrian Defense Ministers General Ali Abbas, Russian Sergei Shoigu, and Turkish Hulusi Akar, during which they discussed ways to resolve the crisis in Syria, the issue of refugees, efforts to combat terrorism, and the need to continue dialogue to achieve stability in the region.



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