SOC: Humanitarian Aid Cannot End Syria’s Tragedy without Seeking to Achieve Political transition

The SOC warned against the transfer of UN aid to the Assad regime.

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) pointed out that extending the mandate for the cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid into Syria will help alleviate the suffering of millions of Syrians as it stressed the need for this aid to continue to reach those in need away from the Assad regime and its allied militias.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the SOC stressed the need to keep humanitarian aid away from the political blackmail that Russia is constantly practicing by transforming it from a humanitarian issue into a bargaining chip in negotiations using its veto power.

On Extending Cross-border aid Delivery into Syria

The SOC also warned that UN aid is reaching the Assad regime, which gives it to its armed forces that are killing the Syrian people, a fact this has been proven by irrefutable evidence, including videos and photographs.

“It is therefore imperative to find a new mechanism to ensure continued humanitarian access to the Syrian people and to prevent this aid from ending up in the hands of the militias supporting the Assad regime,” the SOC said.

The SOC warned that the Syrian file is a political one and demands that efforts be concentrated in this framework. Indeed, it is not possible to end the tragedy in Syria by continuing to deliver aid only without seeking to achieve a political transition in Syria in accordance with UN Resolution 2254, which would achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people and build a new Syria away from the Assad regime, which is the main cause of this tragedy.


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