Iranian Proxies Step up Movements in Syria’s Homs Countryside

The SOHR said Iran and its proxy militias have unprecedented influence in most areas under the control of the Syrian regime, according to Asharq al-Awsat.

Iran and its proxy militias have unprecedented influence in most areas under the control of the Syrian regime, according to a report published on Tuesday by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK-based war monitor.

It seems that neither attacks by Israel and the US-led international coalition nor the “cold war” with Russia could hinder the alarming entrenchment and expansion of Iranian forces across Syria.

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“Strengthening their presence and promoting their ideology, the Iranians are still carrying on with their systematic plan to change the demography of different areas throughout Syria’s geography,” the report revealed.

According to the report, the SOHR monitored movements by Iranian-backed militias in Homs province in September, as the Lebanon-based Hezbollah militia had brought military reinforcement to the Mahin area in east Homs countryside.

The reinforcement comprised militiamen and five four-wheel pickup vehicles with heavy submachine guns installed over them, and they were deployed in an area near Mahin city.

Meanwhile, on September 3th, Iranian militias transported weapons and rockets from their headquarters near the Al-Awras area in Homs countryside to fortified positions near Khattab village in Hama countryside, fearing possible attacks by Israel.

Similarly, on September 4th, the Iran-backed Afghan militia of “Liwaa Fatemiyoun” transported several drones from positions nearby the archaeological city of Palmyra to Palmyra military airbase in the eastern countryside of Homs.

According to SOHR sources, the Afghan militia stored these drones inside several fortified hangars.

Meanwhile, “Liwaa Fatemiyoun” started training a group of its fighters, under the supervision of Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers, on using drones at Palmyra military airbase.

Also, on September 11th, 35 militiamen of the Syrian Hezbollah, who had been trained and armed by the Lebanese Hezbollah, arrived in Palmyra city in east Homs countryside from Al-Sokhnah desert with their full materiel and vehicles

The militiamen were stationed in Palmyra city and its surroundings. They set up posts after receiving information about potential attacks by ISIS on their whereabouts in the Al-Sokhnah desert.


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