Activists Warn Syrian Refugees not to Fall for Assad Regime’s Lies about Safe Return

The Assad regime detained 11 refugees who returned from Lebanon, according to the SOC Media Department.

Syrian activists have warned against falling for the false promises being made by the Assad regime and circulated by its media regarding the safe return of refugees. They warned against believing the regime’s promises to drop all charges against wanted persons if they return to the areas under the control of the regime and its allied militias.
The activists added that detention and torture are still waiting for the Syrian people, especially the returnees, who might be deceived by the regime’s allegations of “amnesty, settlement of status and reconciliation” and the propaganda campaign through which the regime is seeking to deceive the international community. They also stressed that a grim fate would be awaiting the refugees upon their return to their country.

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Local media outlets reported that the Assad regime and Iranian-backed militias had detained a Syrian family a few days ago in Homs province shortly upon their return from Turkey to the village of Al-Oras in southeastern rural Homs. Among the detainees were a woman and two children who were taken for interrogation at the Military Security 261 in central Homs.
Echoing the same concerns about the Assad regime’s false promises of safe return, Amnesty International had issued a report under the title “You’re Going to Your Death” in September 2021. The report indicated that the Assad regime subjected returnees to arrest, forced disappearance and torture.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights also confirmed the arrest of dozens of returnees who intended to spend the Eid al-Adha holiday in the regime-held areas.
The rights group also indicated that the Assad regime detained 11 refugees who returned from Lebanon, while the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that more than 15 Palestinian-Syrians were detained upon their return from Europe and neighbouring countries.


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