Qatar’s Representative at Geneva Meeting: Syrian Regime has not Taken Steps to Resolve Crisis

Qatar called for the full implementation of Security Council resolution 2254 to resolve the crisis in Syria, according to Syria TV.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a meeting of the envoys of some countries to Syria, in addition to the Syrian negotiating body, at the invitation of the United States of America. It included the United States of America, Britain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the representative of the Arab League.
According to confidential sources for Syria TV, the purpose of the meeting is to discuss solutions to move on with the Syrian political issue after the disruption of the Constitutional Committee. Russia refused to hold it in Geneva, claiming that it is not neutral, which is rejected by the majority of the countries invited to the meeting.

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Qatar’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Regional Affairs, Mohammed bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh al-Khulaifi, expressed his country’s concern over the suspension of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee. He noted that the Syrian regime has not taken any measures to find a solution to the Syrian crisis.
In a speech at the meeting of special envoys to Syria in Geneva, convened by the United States of America, Khulaifi stressed Qatar’s position calling for the resolution of the Syrian crisis through the full implementation of Security Council resolution 2254.
The Qatari assistant foreign minister expressed “deep concern about the suspension of the work of the constitutional committee and the Syrian regime’s failure to take any political steps towards finding a solution to the 11-year-old Syrian crisis,” according to a statement by the Qatari Foreign Ministry.
“There is a great responsibility on this group, which is to coordinate and help to put an end to the suffering that Syrians have endured over the past 11 years,” Khulaifi said.


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