Turkey: Opposition Discusses Possible Dialogue with Syrian Regime

The opposition parties are reportedly still discussing the matter, according to Syria TV.

Turkey’s six-party opposition coalition is seeking consensus amongst its members to open channels for dialogue with the Syrian regime to resolve the issue of Syrian refugees in Turkey.

The six parties, which have issued a joint draft statement on the transition to a “strengthened parliamentary system,” are seeking a new set of policies to resolve the refugee issue. As part of these efforts, the coalition members are discussing whether to hold a dialogue with the Syrian regime.

According to a report published on the Turkish website DW, the Democratic Party recommends the need for a dialogue with the Syrian regime and confirms that all six parties agree on this necessity. The Future Party, however, has denied these claims and indicated that they are still in the consultation phase.

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Democratic Party Vice President Eli Aksoy, a member of the Immigration Committee established by the Six-Party Alliance, provided information to DW about the committee’s work. He explained that the committee had held two meetings so far, with a third meeting scheduled for August 10th.

Aksoy stressed that each party has its political sensitivities, with the parties sharing their individual ideas and proposed solutions on the issue of Syrian refugees. He stated that they are working on a joint statement to guide their collective response to the issue.

He noted that the parties aim to publicize the statement after the August 10th meeting, which may occur at the meeting to be hosted by the Felicity Party on August 21st.

Aksoy said that one of the most important ways to solve the refugee problem is to establish a dialogue with the Syrian regime. According to him, all six parties agree on this point.

But a senior official from Ahmet Davutoglu’s Future Party said there are topics they have not yet agreed on, including the topic of dialogue with the Syrian regime. “There are also topics on which we remain in consultations,” the official said. “The subject of dialogue with the Syrian regime is one of these topics that we are still discussing, and we cannot say that we have reached an agreement on this issue so far.”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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