Dialogue Between Syrian Government & AANES Must Adhere to Basic Constants

The spokesperson for the Future Syria Party said that the future Syrian constitution should recognize the AANES and its armed forces, according to North Press.

Any upcoming dialogue between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and the Syrian government must adhere to basic constants, a leader of the Future Syria Party in the city of Raqqa, northern Syria, said on Tuesday.
The Future Syria Party was founded on March 27th, 2018. It is active in northeast Syria. Ibrahim al-Qaftan was elected as the party’s president, and Hevrin Khalaf was elected as secretary-general.
In 2019, Hevrin Khalaf was assassinated on the M4 highway between Raqqa and Hassakeh by Ahrar al-Sharqiya, a Turkish-backed armed faction.
On May 7th, 2022, Abd Hamed al-Mehbash was elected as the party’s president, succeeding its founder Ibrahim al-Qaftan.
There is talk about the necessity of reaching a total understanding between the AANES and the government coinciding with Turkish threats of a new invasion into Syrian territories.

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Muwaffaq al-Ahmad, the spokesperson for the Future Syria Party, considered that “the specialty of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish), and the AANES, all should be acknowledged by the Syrian government and must be registered in the future Syrian constitution.”
The AANES denied, on July 29th, what went on social media regarding secret meetings between the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and AANES on the one hand and the Syrian government on the other.
He told North Press that officials and politicians in northeast Syria welcome any step towards effective dialogue between the Syrian people, which should result in a lasting and comprehensive solution, and, finally, a decentralized, pluralistic and democratic governmental system.
The spokesperson of the Future Syria Party believes that it is legitimate for the AANES to defend these constants, especially since the SDF is the force that fought against terrorism and liberated these areas from Islamic State (ISIS) control.


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