President Assad to RT: Russia Restored Lost International Balance

Assad told Russia Today that he does not exclude direct military confrontation with Turkey, according to SANA.

President Bashar al-Assad has stressed that Russia is subjected to a war that cannot be linked to the issue of NATO expansion alone. Instead, it is a continuous war that did not stop even before communism or World War I, affirming that the strength of Russia today constitutes a restoration of the lost international balance.

President al-Assad’s remarks came in an interview with the  RT channel that will be broadcast at eight o’clock this evening.

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President al-Assad added, “We can look at Russia from two angles: the angle of an ally whose victory in a battle will be profitable for us, and from another angle, the strength of Russia today constitutes a restoration of the lost international balance, even if it is a partial restoration, and this balance that we seek will be reflected primarily on small countries, and Syria is one of them. This is the minimum reason, without going into other legal details, but I am talking strategically now.”

President Assad affirmed that Syria would resist any Turkish invasion of its lands, saying, “If there is an invasion, there will be popular resistance in the first stage….Of course, in the places where the Syrian army is positioned, and it is not deployed to all regions in Syria, and when military conditions allow for direct confrontation, we will do so.”

“Two and a half years ago, a confrontation occurred between the Syrian and Turkish army, and the Syrian army was able to destroy some Turkish targets that entered Syrian territory…The situation will be the same according to what the military capabilities allow… In addition, there will be popular resistance,” the President added.


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