SOC: Whoever Tries to Restore Relations with Assad is Partner in Bloodshed

Haitham Rahma said that Assad released a few hundred detainees out of hundreds of thousands, according to the SOC Media Department.

Secretary-General of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), Haitham Rahma, said that the murderous Assad regime has been killing, arresting and disappearing Syrian civilians since the first day of the Syrian revolution. He stressed that the Assad regime brought mercenaries from everywhere to kill the Syrian people and silence the calls for freedom, using various types of weapons, including barrel bombs and chemical weapons.

Rahma stressed that the Assad regime is continuing with its crimes, relying on lies, tricks and falsification to deceive the world and the Syrian people in blatantly scandalous comic ways, such the latest so-called amnesty for detainees.

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Rahma added that Assad released a few hundred detainees out of hundreds of thousands, with thousands of families holding photos of their loved ones and desperately trying to obtain the slightest snippet of information as to whether they are alive or dead. “These scenes exposed the lies of the Assad regime regarding the detainees in its prisons.”

Rahma denounced that a war criminal responsible for thousands of massacres had issued a so-called amnesty for the victims, stressing that the al-Tadamnon Massacre showed the whole world the regime’s extreme brutality against defenseless people who demanded freedom.

Moreover, Rahma said that the hundreds of massacres committed by the Assad regime, and its alliance with oppressive and brutal regimes such as Iran and Russia, make the countries that try to support it or restore their relations with it partners in the shedding of Syrians’ blood and the continuation of their tragedy.

Rahma stressed that the revolution will continue until the regime is overthrown and tried in international courts, and a political transition in Syria is achieved in a way that guarantees the building of a new Syria in which the values of freedom, dignity and justice prevail, away from the terrorism of this regime.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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