Syria: Infighting Leaves Casualties Among Turkish-backed Fighters in Afrin

Two members of the Turkish-backed Glory Corps were killed as a result of infighting in Afrin, according to North Press.

Two members of the Turkish-backed Glory Corps were killed and three others were wounded, yesterday, in infighting with the Hamza Division in Bulbul district in the countryside of Afrin north of Aleppo.

Fierce clashes erupted between the two factions in the district after Hamza Division attacked the headquarters of the Glory Corps, a local source told North Press.

“The clashes claimed lives of two members of the Glory Corps and wounded three others,” the source added.

The reason for the infighting, so far, has not been disclosed amidst military alert by the opposition factions in the region, according to the source.

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The escalation between the two factions evoked horror and fears among residents.

On Tuesday, five members of the Turkish-backed Sham Legion faction were wounded as a result of violent infighting between two groups of the same faction in the countryside of Afrin.

The city of Afrin and its environs have been under the control of the Turkish-backed opposition factions since March 2018.

However, the areas under the control of the Turkish-backed factions have been witnessing a state of security chaos, amid explosions and continuous infighting among these factions.


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