Report Reviews 11 Years of Violations Against Syrians

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said the conflict killed 228,647 civilians, according to Baladi News.

In its report issued on the 11th anniversary of the Syrian revolution, the Syrian Network for Human Rights revealed that it documented the killing of 228,647 civilians, including 14,664 deaths from torture, 151,462 from arbitrary arrest or forced disappearance, and the displacement of nearly 14 million Syrians. The report highlighted enormous human losses on the road to freedom and dignity. 

The report recorded the deaths of at least 228,647 civilians, including 29,741 children, 16,228 women (adult females) at the hands of parties to the conflict and the dominant forces in Syria from March 2011 to March 2022. During this period, 200,367 were killed by Syrian regime forces, including 22,941 children and 11,952 women. Russian troops killed 6,928 people, including 2,042 children and 977 women. ISIS killed 5,043 people, including 958 children and 587 women. Tahrir al-Sham killed 508 people, including 71 children and 77 women. The Turkestan Islamic Party killed four civilians. According to the report, all armed opposition factions and the national army killed 4,189 civilians, including 998 children and 882 women. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) killed 1,348 civilians, including 238 children and 165 women. The report recorded the deaths of 3,048 civilians, including 925 children, and 658 women at the hands of international coalition forces. There were 7,212 civilians, including 1,568 children, and 930 women killed by other parties. 

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Data analysis showed that 91% of the victims were killed by Syrian regime forces and its allies, and that nearly 56% of the victims were killed in the second and third years of the outbreak of the Popular Movement (from March 2012 to March 2014). The report added that nearly 52% of the civilian casualties were killed in the governorates of Rural Damascus, Aleppo, and Homs. 

According to the report, 869 medical personnel, nearly 84% of which were killed by Syrian-Russian forces. Since March 2011, 711 media professionals have been killed, about 78% of them killed by Syrian regime forces. 

The report documented at least 151,462 people, including 5,093 children and 9,774 women (adult females), who have been detained or forcibly disappeared by parties to the conflict and the dominant forces in Syria since March 2011: 


  • 132667, including 6,358 children and 8,096 women, by Syrian regime forces;
  • 8,648, including 319 children and 255 women, by ISIS;
  • 2,336, including 46 children and 44 women by Tahrir al-Sham; 
  • 3,783 children and 857 women by all armed opposition factions and the national army; and
  • 4,028, including 709 children and 522 women, by SDF. 


The report recorded 222 chemical attacks in Syria since the first documented chemical attack in December 2012. The Syrian regime has carried out 217 attacks, while ISIS has carried out five attacks. In total, these attacks killed 1,510 people, including 205 children and 260 women, all of whom died in attacks by the Syrian regime. The attacks also injured 11,212 people, 11,080 of whom were injured in attacks by the Syrian regime and 132 injured in attacks by ISIS. 

According to the report, the Syrian regime still possesses undeclared chemical weapons, and the report fears that the regime will use them against the Syrian people again.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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