Turkish-backed Council Seizes Aid Provided to Residents in Afrin

The Turkish-backed local administration in Afrin redistributed cross-border aid to settlers, according to North Press.

On Sunday, a local council of the Turkish-backed armed factions in the city of Afrin, north Syria, seized financial aid provided by a non-governmental organization to residents of the city, to give it to settlers.

The Turkish-backed local council in the city of Afrin has crossed out the names of residents from the aid-recipient lists and replaced them with the names of settlers, an eyewitness told North Press.

The donor had registered dozens of residents after a general survey in the area to provide them with a cash subsidy of $50 for a period of eight months, the eyewitness added.

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He indicated that the organization’s office, located in the al-Mahmoudiyah neighborhood in Afrin, was pressured by the local council to replace the names.

The city of Afrin and its villages, north of Aleppo, have been controlled by Turkish forces and the affiliated factions since March 2018.

Since then, the region has been witnessing ongoing security chaos accompanied by infighting among militants of the Turkish-backed factions, arrests, and kidnappings amid the factions’ disability to settle the security and spread safety.


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