Estimated 600-800 Billion USD for Recovery of Syrian Economy

Funds necessary for the recovery of the Syrian economy were estimated at 600-800 billion USD by Alexander Lavrentiev, according to Russia Today.

Russian presidential envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, said on the sidelines of the Astana talks on Tuesday that funds necessary for the recovery of the Syrian economy were estimated at 600-800 billion USD. 

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Lavrentiev added, according to some estimates, the destruction prevails in Syria, with a value of $600 billion to rebuild, and according to other estimates — $800 billion, perhaps much more. After 11 years of armed confrontation with terrorists, the Syrian Government has exhausted most of its financial resources. It will be very difficult to overcome this situation, without the effective assistance of the international community.

Lavrentiev expressed his hope that projects to supply gas through a pipeline from Egypt to Lebanon will be carried out through Syrian territory, as well as electricity from Jordan to Lebanon via Syria. 

The 17th round of negotiations on the Astana talks regarding settlement in Syria was launched in Nursultan, capital of Kazakhstan, on Tuesday morning and will last for two days. The talks will take place with the participation of delegations from Iran, Russia, and Turkey, as well as delegations from the Syrian government, the Syrian armed opposition, and the United Nations.


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