Syria Regime Doubles Price of Water Despite Mounting Poverty

The Syrian regime has more than doubled the price of domestic water, despite much of the country being submerged in poverty, al-Araby al-Jadeed reports.

The regime has more than doubled the price of domestic water, despite much of Syria being submerged in poverty and the effects of a hyperinflation crisis.

A source with the regime’s defense ministry-owned factories told al-Araby al-Jadeed the price increase was due to production cost rises.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the cost of a meter is now 52,000 Syrian pounds ($14.75), up from a previous price of 25,000 Syrian pounds ($7.09).

They added that, including the installation and connection charges, the cost of buying a meter could reach almost 100,000 Syrian pounds ($28.37) – the equivalent of an employee’s average monthly salary.

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To install a meter, Syrians need a license which often requires paying a bribe.

Another source explained the price list available from the Homs province drinking water and sanitation department is from before the price hike occurred.

This old list shows that a half-inch-sized meter previously cost around 29,400 Syrian pounds ($8.34) in total to purchase and install.

Though the cost now is over 80,000 Syrian pounds ($22.70), the source explained the price list has yet to be updated since sales have paused.

They confirmed that the water meter price has doubled, adding that installation costs differ from city to city in Syria.

The Syrian regime defense ministry owns plants and factories producing key materials including those needed to expand water networks.

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