Russia Says Israeli Attacks on Syria are Unacceptable, but Military Response Unconstructive

Russia claimed that Israeli airstrikes against Syria are unacceptable, but using power in response to such attacks will be unconstructive, North Press writes.

Russia stressed yesterday (Wednesday), that Israeli incessant illegitimate airstrikes against Syria are unacceptable and that using power in response to such attacks will be unconstructive.

Early Wednesday morning, Israel carried out a few airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus.

“Israel fired two missiles from the direction of the Syrian Golan Heights targeting an empty building south of Damascus,” according to pro-state news agency SANA.

During his participation in the forum in Syria’s capital, Alexander Lavrentiev, Russia’s Presidential Envoy for Syria, said “in regard to the illegitimate strikes launched by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) against Syria, we highly rebuff theses inhuman acts.”

“Using power in response to such attacks will be unconstructive since no party wants fighting on the Syrian territories,” he added.

Lavrentiev called Israel for a dialogue on all levels for “the necessity to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria”.

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“Russia will keep working in this context until current acts completely stop,” Lavrentiev noted.

The Russian statements followed a memorandum of “interest understanding” between Tel Aviv, Damascus, and Moscow in order to diminish Iran’s influence in Syria.

Over the past years, Israel launched hundreds of airstrikes in Syria directly targeting Syrian government forces’ positions, entrenchments of Iranian-backed factions notably the Lebanese Hezbollah.

In October, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett agreed in a meeting in the seaside resort city of Sochi to maintain the policy that gives Israel the right to freely operate in Syria.

Zeev Elkin, Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction said at the time that Russia will not hamper air campaigns the IDF launches over Syria.

Other Israeli military forces said Russia wanted initial warnings from Israel in case the latter launched attacks on Syria.

Israel rarely acknowledges or comments on carrying out airstrikes inside Syria but always repeats it will confront attempts by Iran to establish a permanent military presence inside Syria.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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