Israel Refuses To Comment on Meeting With Syrian Delegation in Hemeimeem

Israel has confirmed a meeting that is suspected to have taken place between a delegation and the Syrian government, regarding the removal of Iran reports North Press.

The Israeli army has refused to comment on the news of a meeting between a Syrian government delegation and Israeli delegation sponsored by Russia at the Hemeimeem military base in Syria.

Available information mentioned that the goal of the meeting was to discuss ways to expel Iranian factions from Syria.

A special Israeli military affairs source told North Press, “The Israeli army refused to comment on the report, and an Israeli officer considers it fake news.”

But the source believes that no matter how unlikely the meeting seems, it is possible at the same time.

Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli scholar, said in a radio interview that he did not know the truth of the meeting, but it was likely that there may be a possibility of cooperation between the Syrian regime and Israel based on resentment of the Iranian role.

Kedar, who wrote his doctoral thesis about Syria, claimed that he knows something about the thinking of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the reality of the situation in Syria. 

He believes that Assad is very concerned with the Iranian role in Syria, because in the last two years, the Iranian threat has replaced the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS). 

“Assad understood that calling on Iran to deal with ISIS was the price for handing Syria over to it. Now there is a common desire between Israel and Assad, which is seeing Iran ousted from Syria before it is too late,” Kedar added. 

Kedar claimed that the Syrian ground defenses do not generally address Israeli attacks against Iranian targets in Syria, and Russia does not oppose Israel’s actions.

Two weeks ago, Israel launched an unprecedented massive military operation that targeted 18 points in one night in Syria.

Kedar pointed out that the Russian silence means that there is an implied  Russian and Syrian agreement that came after a long series of consultations to allow Tel Aviv to carry out the expanded attacks. 

Kedar acknowledges that Russia and Syria do not want to clash with Iran, given the presence of common interests, but both countries have an interest in driving Iran out of Syria with the help of Israeli strikes.

He pointed out that Russia wants a nuclear reactor for Iran that produces electrical power at a cost of 30 billion dollars. This prevents Russia from entering into a direct confrontation with it. 

Sources told North Press recently that Israel believes that there are two blocks within the Syrian government, one of which is loyalist and another pragmatic, opposing the Iranian presence.

The sources revealed that there are messages being sent between Damascus and Tel Aviv through Russia on an ongoing basis and with the knowledge of Assad.

The Saudi newspaper Elaf recently quoted an Israeli military source as saying that the Syrian regime has sent messages through Moscow to Israel, stipulating things to achieve peace between them.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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