Army Regains Full Control Over Tens of Villages, Towns in Aleppo Western, Northwestern Countryside, Army Command Says

The Syrian army has announced fresh advances in Aleppo’s countryside and its renewed determination to continue with its work writes SANA.

The Army and Armed Forces General Command announced that tens of villages and towns in Aleppo’s western and northwestern countryside have been liberated after a series of concentrated military operations against the positions and fortifications of terrorist organizations, which are listed as terrorist groups under international law.

In a statement on Monday, the Army General Command said, “With carefully considered steps and concentrated special operations, heroes of the Syrian Arab Army have continued their advance, remaining determined to uproot terrorism and eliminate the killers who wanted to usurp the will of our people and to take them as hostages and human shields, to impede the advance of the army and to delay their elimination.”

Army General Command added that, “Heroes of our army have been able to accomplish their tasks with efficiency and in a record time and regained full control over dozens of villages and towns in Aleppo’s western and northwestern countryside.” 

The statement indicated that the villages and towns liberated by the Syrian Arab Army included: al-Sheikh Ali town, Regiment 46, Urm al-Kubra, Urm al-Sughra, Kafr Naha, Kafr Dael, Kafr Hamra, Bshantara, Babis, Ma’aret al-Artiq, Oaijail, Hritan, Hayyan, Anadan, Byanoun and Alleramoun, and a large number of residential compounds, factories, roundabouts and strategic hills, in addition to the opening of the crossings of Miznar and Mujairez in Aleppo western countryside and Saraqeb city to secure a peaceful exit of civilians to put an end to the nightmare of Takfiri terrorism.

The statement continued, “The Army and Armed Forces General Command announces the liberation of these new areas, and it affirms that the army will continue its field advance and that it is determined to continue its sacred and noble tasks of eliminating the rest of the terrorist organizations wherever they are across Syria, as terrorism will not remain on the Syrian territories, regardless of how much support they are provided by its backers and sponsors, and the Syrian Arab Army will remain a watchful eye and fortress that will protect the security of the homeland and the citizens.”


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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