Moscow Aware of Transportation of Chemical Weapon Components From European States

Russia has said that knows that European states have aided and abetted in the movement of components for chemical weapons into Idleb writes SANA.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that chemical weapon components were delivered to Idleb province from several European countries.

“Many things in Idleb may now come to light. Deliveries of components for chemical weapons from European states were carried out there. It will all re-emerge again soon,” said Vladimir Yermakov, the Director of the Department for Arms Non-Proliferation and Control at the Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

On supplying Syria with S-300 system, Yermakov said that supplying Damascus with S-300 system will not lead to an escalation in Syria, but it will lead to stability.

Yermakov affirmed that this system is defensive and that the US “intentionally lies” when it says that by supplying Syria with this it threatens the security of the US.

He added that the S-300 system, which Syria will be supplied with, will be able to cover all Syrian airspace when it is necessary to do so.

He indicated that the pretexts of those who previously demanded that Syria not be supplied with these systems are no longer convincing, and that it is the right of any state to provide military- technical assistance to its partners.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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