UK comments on Sharaa’s remarks calling on Assad to step aside

A Syrian Website quoted a UK official as commenting on Vice President Faruk al Sharaa and calling on President Bashar al Assad to step aside.


19-12-2012 – British Government Spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa Rosemary Davis told Syria Politic Website commented on Vice President remarks in which he called for ‘a historic compromise’ because either party shall not win the battle, saying that ‘President Assad should step aside.’


Al-|sharaa’s remarks make additional evidence that the Syrian regime has begun to understand that it will not make a victory and that it has only few days left, Rosemary Davis told Syria Politic.


“We call on Assad to take these remarks seriously and step aside.” Added Davis.


The UK has recognized the Syrian national coalition as ‘the sole, legal representative of the Syrian people’, but has requested some gurantees to protect the minorities’ rights, human rights, and the international laws.



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