NCC and the Syrian National Coalition on the International Conference

An-Nahar newspaper asked the opposition Syrian National Coalition and the National Coordination Commission (NCC) to speculate about possible scenarios at 'Geneva 2'.


An-Nahar newspaper asked the opposition Syrian National Coalition and the National Coordination Commission (NCC) to speculate about possible scenarios at 'Geneva 2'.


The head of Coalition, George Sabra said there is no disagreement on who is going to represent the opposition in the proposed conference, as its delegation is the delegation of the Coalition "who has Syria's seat at the Arab League and who has been declared legal by the League and the U.N."


"Going to Geneva 2 in a joint delegation with NCC is unacceptable and we are not concerned with it," he said. In his opinion, the participation of the NCC is "a Russian aspiration which has a well-known political goal."


"Let them ask all the people inside Syria who is the true representative of the opposition," Sabra said.


Sabra was not surprised when asked about the idea of a military delegation, but said he was certain that the relation between the Coalition and the FSA Commanders-in-Chief, including General Selim Idriss is good, which brushes away any possibility of the FSA's participation, as an opponent of the Coalition.


Unlike what is commonly believed, Sabra does not see any agreement between the U.S and Russia regarding Syria, he said.


"The interests dividing the two nations are huge. Russia supports the regime and America's attitude towards the opposition is still in progress," he said.


Regarding Saudi Arabia and Qatar, he said: "They are still the basic supporters of the Syrian revolution and I say clearly: Our will is their priority," also indicating this was especially true of Saudi Arabia.


The NCC, meanwhile, considers itself a fundamental partner in Geneva 2, but its France-based President, Haytham Manna said he does not underestimate the disagreements still hindering formation of a unified opposition delegation.


"The deadline to solve this puzzle is the end of the month. If we didn’t solve it within 12 days and prepare for political talk, the regime will be victorious," he said.


On his vision of Geneva 2, Manna said: "We will not accept working under Bashar Assad's constitution during the transitional phase. A practical achievable plan should be prepared with a clear map on how to apply it."


Manna insisted that the conference should be a held according to a "practical formula" that is, "open meetings focusing on discussions of the options available and starting from agreement on the essential matters like implementing a ceasefire, releasing detainees, and guaranteeing the free delivery of aid."





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