Iran President Elect Says Only Syrians can Decide Their Future

New Iranian president says Iran opposes terrorism in `syria

The newly elected Iranian President, Hassan Rohani said that broad participation in elections in Iran have proved "the exceptional democracy and victory of the Iranian people."


In his first press conference held in Tehran on Monday, Rohani said Iranian participation in the elections "ushered in a new chapter" in Iran and that the Iranian people had "triumphed."


On the crisis in Syria, Rohani said that only the Syrian people can decide their future, indicating that his country opposes terrorism and foreign interference in Syrian affairs.


“The final decision-makers on the fate of Syria are the Syrian people,” he said.


“We oppose terrorism and the interference of all other countries in Syria’s internal affairs,” Rohani said.


He expressed hope that peace and tranquility would be restored in Syria, with the help of regional and international countries, and that the demands of the people would be met there.


Rohani said the current Syrian government is "legitimate and legal and must stay in place until elections are held."


''It is up to the Syrians to decide who will represent them in the next elections," he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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