Friends of Syria to Meet in Doha on Aid to Rebels

Some Friends of Syria will meet in Doha to discuss assistance for the Free Syrian Army

The main nations making up the Friends of Syria will meet on Saturday in Doha to discuss assistance for the Free Syrian Army following recent successes by government forces, a French foreign ministry official said.


The meeting will be attended by foreign ministers from the 11 countries making up the core of the pro-rebel alliance, including France, the US, Britain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the official added, speaking on condition of anonymity.


The official told reporters the meeting would be an opportunity to take stock of developments at this week’s G8 summit in Northern Ireland and discuss providing help to the rebels.


“We need to respond to the opposition’s need to rebalance power on the ground,” the official said.


 “The situation on the ground is urgent following the retaking of Qusayr and because of the threat to Aleppo as well as the suburbs of Damas and the southern part of the country,” the official said.


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