Palestine Security Branch Executes Female Activists

The Palestinian branch is known to be holding some 300 female detainees

Activists said field executions are being committed the Palestine security branch and  military intelligence, and  that female detainees are among those executed.


Activists said the names of some of those women executed in the basement of the branch are known and that their bodies were moved to Najha cemetery. Among those killed is Walaa Mohammad, 23, from Damascus Countryside and the detainee Rihab Allawi, 22.


The Palestinian branch was holding some 300 female detainees about one month ago. Some of the ugliest forms of torture are being practiced against them.


Meanwhile, terrorism courts have investigated more than 40 detainees, either military or civilian, with some released and some still held. Among those released are Ghalaia al-Sabbagh, Majeda Khalil, Iman al-Masri and Fatima al-Masri.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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